Sunday, September 7, 2008

Malwares Forensics Dojo in Kuwait

By Aa’ed Alqarta (Symantec STS)

This course is targeted to systems and security administrators who are responsible of securing their clients and networks. Without concepts and technical skills, you can’t defend against the latest generations of malwares. This course will prepare you with the required knowledge to fight malwares. You’ll learn from an experienced and trained instructor who will guide you step-by-step through the training.

Course Agenda:

- Introduction to malwares: We will talk about malwares basics, and history of malwares.

- Types of malwares: We will talk about all malwares categories and how to defend against them.

- Tools for malware analysis: We will talk about malwares analysis tools that will help the system admin during investigating an infected computer.

- Malwares disinfection: We will talk about the techniques that will teach a system admin how to disinfect and clean any infected system using special techniques, tools and live CDs.

- Malwares detection: We will talk about how to detect any malware that is propagating in your network using traffic analysis, honeypots and IDS.

- Security policies and defenses against malwares: We will talk about effective security policies and defense strategies against malwares.

For registration details, just send to (a.qarta [ at ]